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    Vertauschte Köpfe - Konrad Mühe, Andreas Mühe

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    Pit Stenkhoff (ed.)
    flap brochure
    500 pages, 200 color illustrations
    ISBN 978-3-86859-751-6
    German English

    Vertauschte Köpfe is published to accompany the first joint exhibition by the brothers Andreas Mühe and Konrad Mühe in the KUNSTWERK Klein collection . How can two brothers who couldn't be more different meet as equals and harmonize their work? What unites them is the intensive examination of the family history. Differences complement each other: while one deals with the interweaving of family history and German history, the other works on the relationship between human and technological bodies and their political subtexts in the present.

    Like a family that tells different stories about each other, the catalog takes up the different time levels and narrative threads. Exchanged Heads contains several books that relate to one another and challenge one another: the works by Andreas and Konrad Mühe interact with texts by Valeria Waibel, Karsten Ehlers, Monika Maron, Kito Nedo and a comic by Gregor Hinz. The question hovers in the room: How solid is the subsoil of the common foundation?
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